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Bebe & Fawn Baby Co.'s Originals ALL-IN-2 Cloth Nappy range are trim fitting and super thirsty, made with an absorbent Charcoal Bamboo inner cloth and a waterproof TPU outer layer that is soft and comfortable for your little one. 


Originals ALL-IN-2 come as two-piece or three-piece set.


Originals ALL-IN-2 sets are are recommended for daytime use. Cloth nappies should be changed every 2-4 hours to avoid compression leaks and discomfort. When the snap-in absorber is soiled, simply unsnap it and replace it with a new one. 


Originals ALL-IN-2 also make fantastic night-time nappies but they should be boosted. Our Bamboo & Charcoal Microfibre boosters can be placed inside the tri-fold absorber, on top or underneath it, to boost its absorbency for overnight use up to 12 hours. Originals ALL-IN-2 can be used with a range of different boosting combinations and brands, making them a good option to add to your collection!


One Size Fits Most nappies are designed to fit most newborns starting at approximately 4kgs + and will fit your little one through to toilet training 15-18kgs depending on their body shape.  




Nappy Shell Only - $14.95


Day Nappy Set - $22.95

  • 1 x Nappy Shell + 1 x Snap-in Tri-fold Bamboo Cotton Absorber


For DAY TIME nappies, use the snap-in Tri-fold Bamboo Cotton absorber in our One Size Fits Most adustable shell.


Night Nappy Set - $29.95

  • 1 x Nappy Shell + 1 x Snap-in Tri-fold Bamboo Cotton Absorber + 1 x Charcoal Bamboo Booster


For NIGHT TIME nappies, simply add Boosters in the middle, on top or underneath the snap-in absorber (depending on your preference) for overnight sleeps or extended periods of time for up to 12 hours. This is also suitable for particularly heavy wetters.



To use as NEWBORN nappies use a booster inside the nappy instead of the tri-fold snap-in absorber to avoid excess bulk on your newborn. Once your bub is wetting more regularly and has grown into the nappy, then you can switch to using the snap-in absorber.


A handy tip when using the boosters on boys, is to fold the top third of the booster down before putting it inside the absorber. Try to position the booster at the front half of the nappy (or toward the belly button) for extra absorption at the front.

Violet ALL-IN-2 Range

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