These bags are a must-have accessory for all Modern Cloth Nappy users! They are perfect for taking with you to the beach, swimming lessons, day care, the shops or used as gym bags. You can carry wet swimmers, dirty nappies, bibs or clothes - the possibilities are endless. 


Our Nalu Wet Bags are made from quality PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric that is soft to touch and also leak resistant. 


Our Wet Bags are 30cm x 40cm and will easily hold 8 nappies or swimmers and a kids towel.  Designed with a single zipper pocket and a snap looped-handle to attach to your stroller, hooks or handles.


The fabric is designed to be water resistant to the point that it keeps damp swimming and bad odours inside the bag until you are able to put them in the washing machine.


Some mama's also use them as wash-bags for washing reusable nursing pads and keeping nursing bras safe in the washing machine - double win!





Whilst Wet Bags are great for storing wet items, it's important to squeeze excess water out of the clothing before placing in the bag. 


Wet swimmers?

Place them in the middle of your towel and then roll up. Place inside the wetbag until you get home!


Smelly clothes?

Place them straight inside the bag to keep odour and dampness contained.


Dirty cloth nappies?

If possible, remove any solids into the toilet and fold up the cloth nappy into itself, using it's waist snaps to secure it shut. Place inside the bag until ready to wash.


Always remove the wet/dirty items from inside the bag within 24 hours. Machine wash your wet bag as required. 



'Nalu' - Large Wet Bag

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